Dear Guests!

A friendly and festive atmosphere is welcomed in our restaurant. And in order not to spoil the mood for yourself and others, we ask you to familiarize yourself with our rules:
1. Face control and Dress control are in force n our restaurant.
a. Persons in a state of strong alcohol or drug intoxication, as well as visitors with an unkempt appearance and an aggressive attitude, are nit allowed in the restaurant.
b. It is forbidden to carry with you any weapon, explosive, and flammable items.
c. It is prohibited to be in the restaurant in outer clothing. For the convenience of guests, there are hangers in the restaurant.
2. The administration without explaining the reasons has the right to refuse to visit:
a. Persons under 18 years old unaccompanied by their parents after 22:00;
b. Persons in special clothing or work uniform;
c. In flip flops and/or beach shorts;
d. In sportswear
3. If the guests (or guests) violate public order, behave incorrectly in relation to other guests or employee’s pf the restaurant, the administration may take measures to remove the guest from the institution.
4. In our restaurant the use of drink or food brought with you is prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, the administration has the right to refuse service to the guest.
5. Taking the drink and food out of the restaurant is prohibited.
6. In our restaurant and on its territory for security purposes, a video surveillance system is installed.

We ask you to trat limitations with understanding. Wee hope that the aforementioned, generally accepted rules will not seem strict tour guests, and we dare to remind you that the rules exist for our convenience and safety.
Have a nice rest!
Our rules
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